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to Rome with love

BORINGTHNGS.: to Rome with love

maandag 18 februari 2013

to Rome with love


This guy makes you pay 20 euro. Be carefull bacause he tells you this after making the pictures. 





Last year my boyfriend and I went to Rome, Italy. One word is enough: AMAZING. The city is really beautiful. Everywhere you look, you will find some history. Rome has many historical buildings, you have to see! We went in June, it was so warm. The temperature was over 38 degrees. My opinion: too warm for a city trip. We had 3 days to see Rome, but that wasn’t enough. My advice is to book a 4/5 days city trip. With 4/5 days, you will have enough time to see everything and
you don’t have to hurry. We were running from A to B! After day 1, we were really exhausted haha. 
Before we were leaving Holland, I  bought a book called 100% Rome. You can find must see places and great shop, sleep and eat tips. Besides, you will find some routes. These routes make it possible to see every piece of culture in the city.  

Must see places:
- Collosseum
- Spanish stairs
- Trevifountain
- Vatican
- Vittoriano
- Bridge of angels

For the most delicious pizza: Massenzio Pizzeria
You will find it on the Via Cavour.



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