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BORINGTHNGS.: oktober 2013

vrijdag 18 oktober 2013

Opening Urban Outfitters

Wow, news flash; the opening of Urban Outfitters Amsterdam!
Propably you've already read a lot of UO articles, but i still 
want to show you some pictures. After my internship, i went right
away to the store. It's huge! There were so many people,
especially girls (beautiful and perfect styled girls). The store fits 
perfectly with the clothes and the crazy accessories. I would like
to have a house like that! I saw this amazing white skull. 
Hopefully it will be mine by tomorrow, ghehe. 
Oh, by the way, a girl has given me a temporary tattoo,
which i loveee! I will show you a picture of it on my 
Instagram account.

Did you went to the opening?


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dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

Outfit | Yellow Fall

Blouse Monki
Pencil skirt Primark

Ph. by Mi-lou Hendriks


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