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hotspots albufeira

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woensdag 31 juli 2013

hotspots albufeira

For the girls who will be going to Albufeira this summer, i´ve written some hotspots!

Oh before i forget, most of you will need a cab from airport Faro to Albufeira. 
We made a online reservation at They are very nice
and on time haha. A one way ticket costs €30,-. It's a great price compared to other cabs.

1 | Cocktailsbar Xally
When you like cocktails as much as i do, you have to visit Xally. Xally is a trendy bar 
with beautifull graffiti on the walls. Outside you will find chairs with huge pillows, 
so you can relax and enjoy your drinks. Try the Strawberry Daiquiry, my favorite!

2 | Restaurant Mi Sombrero
Mi Sombrero is a mexican restaurant who's specialty is fajitas. Very delicious.
You will find a queque for the restaurant. It takes about 10 minutes to get a table,
but it's worth it! If you would like to have a starter, try the nachos with cheese.

3 | Restaurant American Diner
American Diner is a little restaurant in a American 50s style.
The restaurant is pretty pink, so cute. I lunched there and ate some 
american pancakes with strawberries. Yum yum!

An other hotspot is the Bank, a restaurant with delicious meat. 
Try some meat from a  hot stone! 

Enjoy your holiday!


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2 reacties:

Op 31 juli 2013 om 12:03 , Blogger Bo zei...

Nice picss :)
have fun x

Op 5 augustus 2013 om 16:31 , Blogger Ypie van der Wijk zei...

Hier ben ik ook geweest 2 jaar geleden, geweldige vakantie!


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