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BORINGTHNGS.: april 2013

maandag 29 april 2013

Paris diary 1

Hi girls!
Yesterday i came back from a very nice weekend Paris!<3
We were at the Pont de l'Archeveche, a bridge with thousands of padlocks.
Lovers hang up a lock and throw the key into the water for endless love.
I´m a romanticus so i made our own lock in Holland.
When we were eating, we looked back at our pictures and, oh my god,
i'm such a stupid girl. I wrote our date wrong!!
I wrote 27 October 2010, instead of 27 November 2010! Ahaha.
So yesterday, we went back to the bridge, and hang up a new one,
next to the wrong lock.
Have you been in Paris?


PS: I´ve made 85 photos haha, so i will make a ´Paris Diary´ every day of this week.
Hope you like it!

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donderdag 25 april 2013

Paris baby!

Tomorrow morning, my boyfriend and i will be going to Paris <3
So i am busy with packing. Oh gosh, i still must print the tickets for the train!
I saw that the weather won't be great, but i still looking forward to this weekend.
If you like, you can follow me on Instagram and Vine.
Hopefully i can post some pictures and videos :)
My instagram account is 'rachelpagen' and vine account is 'Rachel Pagen'.

Have a nice weekend!!


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woensdag 10 april 2013

Color Boost!

A couple weeks ago, i was modelling for a new event in Holland, Color Boost!
It was such a great day, with very nice people. This is the first year for Color Boost,
so the shoot was a secret and i could not tell anyone about the day and the event. But now i can tell you all about it!
Color Boost is a running event in Holland, on 23 June. Everybody can join the event, even when you
can't running, like me haha. You can also walk the 5 kilometers, or crawling.
Every kilometer, people will throw powder in 4 or 5 different colors. So at the end of the race, everybody look just like the pictures above! 
The shoot was so much fun, so i can imagine how it will be on the real event in June. 

If you like to join me and all the others, you can visit the website!


btw, the video will makes things clearer ;)

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